IT Professional Services

Mmapro’s strategic technology counsel ensures you stay on the right track when designing, deploying and evolving your ICT portfolio.

Our Professional Services practice encompasses a broad technology ambit that includes: Project Management, Change Leadership, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Agile Practices, DevOps, and more.

We emphasise true partnerships founded on trust and accountability, culminating in solutions that always serve your business’ needs, delight customers and stakeholders, and represent best-in-class business practices.

Our experience in foresight and scenario planning allows us to explore potential events – and understand the impact they may have on your business and on your technology strategy.

In this regard, we’ve worked with organisations like The Rockefeller Foundation, the South African Node of the Millennium Goal and the Department of Social Development, generating foresight strategies and collaborative platforms to handle a quickly-changing world.

You’ll benefit from Mmapro’s pragmatic approach which balances your need to run existing infrastructure and services, while simultaneously integrating new services, modernising your ICT portfolio and setting you up for the digital future.

And these new services are, by and large, Cloud-based. With the shift towards an always-on, everything-as-a-service economy, we focus on orchestrating applications, services, infrastructure and business processes – to deliver sustainable advantage to your organisation.

You generate further value by accessing our research and development pods: incubating advanced algorithms to power the likes of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and widespread automation in your business.

Whatever your technology needs, our vendor-neutral, independent structure, and our deep expertise and skills, will ensure that you receive excellent guidance every step of the way.

ICT Support

We adopt a consultative, advisory approach to ICT support, with a focus on refining your technology strategy to best serve your business’ vision.

The goal is to help transform your IT department from being a cost-centre, to becoming a strategic business asset, a catalyst for new growth and opportunity.

We begin with a thorough analysis of your:

  • Business objectives, strategies and vision… to determine the best technology to support the organisation
  • Broader ecosystems and value-chains… to understand how you may need to integrate with 3rd parties, the regulations and policies with which you must comply, your optimal routes-to-market, etc
  • Existing technology assets and expertise… to identify gaps, and provide resources and tools that fit harmoniously with your systems, processes and enterprise architectures

As an independent and vendor-neutral technology firm, outsourcing and ICT support has always been at the heart of Mmapro’s offerings, as we pride ourselves in offering undiluted, objective advice at every turn.

Through our depth of experience in supporting clients in a variety of sectors, we’re able to pinpoint operational issues and bottlenecks – whether they’re people-related, process-related or technology-related – and apply appropriate solutions.

And with direct involvement from our senior team, you benefit from an ICT support experience that is fully tailored to your specific needs.

The result? As we abstract the complexity and pain of managing your ICT infrastructure, we free you to focus on the more strategic aspects in your organisation, with absolute peace-of-mind that all your systems will work in harmony.

With Mmapo, you also have a technology partner that’s always casting its gaze into the future – showing you how the latest innovations could further simplify your operations, or unlock new opportunities.

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