Foresight - Strategy and Planning

Foresight is the process of researching, developing and documenting a range of possible ways in which the future could develop and understanding these sufficiently well to be able to decide what decisions can be taken today to create the best possible tomorrow.

Our foresight services encompass strategy development and consulting and are offered as a standalone service or as part of a BPM process and is offered across industries. Our foresight services include:

  • Consequence Assessment: assessing the future implications of present actions and decisions;
  • Early Warning and Guidance: detecting and avoiding problems before they occur;
  • Pro-active Strategy Formulation*: considering the present implications of possible future events; and
  • Normative Scenarios: envisioning aspects of desired futures.

Pro-active foresight strategy equips organisations with the ability to identify, explore and assess future events – whether these events are social, political, economic or environmental – understanding the impact it will have on the organisation and developing strategies to adapt to these changes. With a foresight strategy in place, organisations could also pro-actively influence its environment outwards to gain a level of control over these future changes. With a foresight strategy in place, organisations can predict and plan, as well as pro-actively influence it where possible. Foresight assists organisations to strengthen their market position through identifying future opportunities and critical issues.

Mmapro specifically identifies these critical issues not only in the safety, security and compliance environment, but also in other strategic matters of companies. We assist organisations to achieve transformational change and produce significant efficiency savings. Backed by compelling research to evidence the case for change, we facilitate visioning, defining, planning and delivering effective change management and technology programmes. Our foresight services are based on the application of future studies utilised to discover or invent, examine and evaluate, and propose possible, probable and preferred futures. Therefore, we seek to know what can and could be (the possible), what is likely to be (the probable) and what ought to be (the preferable).

We have assisted organisations including Rockefeller Foundation, South African Node of the Millennium Goal, Department of Social Development, HelpAge SA etc. by generating foresight strategies, collaborative platforms and programme managing their foresight projects amongst other projects

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a cornerstone discipline for our clients, especially those that must grow revenues quickly while containing their growth in headcount.

The three core benefits include:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Agility

BPM is an integral part of the optimisation process focusing on aligning all aspects of an organisation with the wants and needs of its clients. It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. Mmapro analyses, defines, maps and automates these processes inside organisations to ensure that it stays optimised and aligned with the clients’ needs whilst remaining efficient, effective and agile. BPM consists of a series or network of value-added activities, performed by their relevant roles or collaborators, to purposefully achieve the common business goal. We are committed to helping businesses increase profits and improve their work environment through streamlining their business processes.

We cut our teeth in the business world with Business Process Management long ago and we are recognised today as an authority in this very specialised field. We can fast-track organisational optimisation and, through our commitment to constant innovation and total quality management, our solutions and advice answers the tough questions in current management and process challenges.

When applied concurrently with our Foresight Consulting service, Mmapro’s BPM solutions is extremely effective in creating proactive solutions for future challenges.

We pride ourselves in having assisted and continuing to service organisations like utility giant Eskom in reviewing their core business process across the organisation with the objectives of ensuring that the correct technology is implemented to enable core business. Other client that we have also assisted includes: ICASA, Alexander Forbes, Former Department of Minerals an Energy SA etc.